How the glass pyramid of the Louvre disappeared!

How the glass pyramid of the Louvre disappeared? 
The offender is French street artist JR who found the way through a stunning optical illusion that will surprise many visitors in Paris in June 2016.As well as during the visit of us.

Two days ago We were just passing across the Napoleon Courtyard of the Louvre and came upon the installation of a large-scale photographic piece onto the glass pyramid of the Louvre. Designed in black and white the artwork reproduces the stone façade of the Louvre that stands just behind the famous pyramid. Observed from a certain vantage point situated not far from the roundabout of Place du Carrousel, the effect creates the optical illusion of making the pyramid disappear in a stunning new feature.
The piece of art was designed by French street artist JR and is part of an event titled ‘JR au Louvre’ (JR at the Louvre).
Visitors were able to see the ‘invisible’ pyramid stunt until the 27 June 2016.

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