16 very original Gallic gifts to buy in France this Christmas

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If you're looking for some original and slightly wacky Gallic gifts to bring home from France this Christmas, here are a few to choose from.
"French letters" (with chat up lines)

"Do you want to see my baguette?", "Want to see the Eiffel Tower?", "Liberté, egalité, sexualité". The succinct messages written on these Made in France condoms (or "French letters" as they used to be called) could save you the effort of trying to chat someone up.
They are doing a roaring trade at the Bring France Home store in the Marais (3 Rue de Birague) which offers all kinds of authentic "100 percent Made in France" souvenirs.

Macron snow globe

Why not commemorate the year that France elected its youngest president by giving your nearest and dearest a Macron-themed snow globe? 
The offbeat gift has already proved so popular with the French and foreigners alike that Les Parisettes -- the concept store behind the snow globe -- sold out of the first batch within weeks.
So, if you're keen to get your hands on one before Christmas, you'd better get your order in quickly.  
Photo: Les Parisettes

Grow your own mushroom kit
Do you know an aspiring gardener who is sadly lacking their own plot of land to practice their skills?
If so, a pack of ready-to-grow oyster mushrooms from French start-up "Pret a Pousser" might be the perfect gift. 
Top tip: They're ideal for giving an omelette some extra flavour. 

Photo: Pret a pousser

A sculpture of a French brain
France has produced some pretty famous intellectuals over the years so who wouldn't want a French brain? This sculpture below by artist Patricia Birn is on sale at Bring France Home in the Marais for a cool €2,500. 

Magnetic French poetry
Whether you know someone who believes themselves to be the next Baudelaire or have a friend who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, this set of magnetic French poetry will give them the perfect chance to show off their literary prowess on the front of their fridge. 

Photo: Paper Tiger

A Gallic bow tie
This next one is ideal for any dedicated followers of fashion in your life. French company Colonel Moutarde has a wide selection of bow ties with contemporary designs and even offers a made-to-measure service for any perfectionists out there. 
And it's not just for adults, Colonel Moutarde also has a baby range, so why not introduce the little ones to the joys of a dapper wardrobe early on?
Photo: Colonel Moutarde

French-themed gift sets
If you're struggling to settle on any one gift for the Francophile in your life then why not hedge your bets and give several? 
French company Le Cadeau Francais offers a selection of gift sets, including some aimed at men or women and others themed according to regions of France. 
To give you an idea of what you'll find, one of the men's sets includes Cognac, olive tapenade, coffee, a mug and toffees, which all come packed neatly in a Paris-themed box, of course. 

Photo: Le Cadeau Francais

Boxer shorts with Paris metro map design
It could be the perfect gift for that one male friend who just can't figure out the Paris metro. Just as long as he remembers to plan his journey before he puts them on, that is.

Photo: souvenirparis.com

A Gallic hangover cure
What would you do for a hangover cure that really works over the festive period? A French company claims to have come up with the perfect solution to over indulging in spirits this Christmas. The headache cure made from pear and plant extracts is effective within an hour, its creators say.

Santon crib figurines
These small, handmade clay figurines originate from Provence and are used in France to populate nativity scenes. 
So for the people in your life that truly love Christmas traditions, why not introduce them to a French one and add to the magic of the season?
The story behind France's 'little saints' of Christmas

A scented candle that smells like...Paris
French company Kerzon had the original idea of launching a range of scented candles designed to smell like a walk though Paris.
The Flaneries a Paris (strolls through Paris) collection includes Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, Jardin du Luxembourg and Place des Vosges among others (note there's no Metro scented candle), and could make the perfect gift for anyone who dreams of being transported back to the French capital. 
Photo: Kerzon

Christmas-themed beret
It might come as news that there are several takes on the Christmas-themed beret, with some featuring reindeer antlers (see below) and others with slightly more subtle Christmas motifs knitted on top. 
Sure, it might seem silly, but after a few glasses of vin chaud (mulled wine), your relatives will be fighting over who gets to wear it. 

Photo: Shein

Monsieur Barbier shaving set 
Encourage the men in your life to keep their facial hair perfectly groomed with this hip shaving set by French company Monsieur Barbier. 

Photo: Monsieur Barbier

Charentaise slippers
Charentaise slippers might not be representative of the best of French fashion but one thing's for sure, they'll certainly keep their owner warm in winter.
And let's be honest, that's what really matters to most people at this time of year. 

Photo: Sophie/Flickr

French mustard gift set
The original Maison Maille still makes traditional Dijon mustard which it sells through boutiques in Dijon, Paris, London, New York, and Bordeaux.
And at Christmas time, they offer gift boxes which will make the perfect present for any keen chefs or condiment lovers in your life. 
Photo: Irene/Flickr

Fine wine
Give the (much-coveted) gift of the perfect glass of fine wine with a new Nespresso-like machine called "D-Vine" from French startup 10-Vins. 
The D-Vine machine can claim to be a Hi-Tech sommelier that can serve up the perfect Merlot or Sauvignon Blanc in less than a minute.
Each vial of wine contains an electronic chip which transmits information to the machine that will create the correct temperature for the wine to be served as well as sending a quick description of the wine to your smartphone. 

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