Paris turns up pressure on Airbnb cheats

Almost half of Parisian Airbnb hosts are not playing by the rules, and Paris officials have released information they hope will help close the gap.

Bureaucrats in Paris City Hall are sick of people renting out their apartments to tourists for most of the year, especially given there is a huge shortage of housing in the capital.

In a bid to shame the people breaking these laws (the legal limit is 120 days a year), officials have taken action in the form of a new interactive map.
City Hall has added a new section to its Open Data Portal, which lists all the Airbnb users who have officially registered their homes as long-term rentals.
By shining a light on those who are playing by the book, officials are hoping the cheats will come out of the woodwork and sign up themselves too.
Or, indeed, perhaps neighbours who are irritated by a constant flow of noisy tourists next door might just make the call to authorities instead. 
There are 107 apartments are on the "good" list that was published this week, as can be seen in the map below. The most popular areas are in the centre of the city, especially the 4th arrondissement, and the area near the Eiffel Tower in the upmarket 7th.

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